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Zoho Consulting and Technology Services

​We specialize in supporting the implementation, enhancement and extension of the Zoho platform. This typically includes at least two of the core Zoho business applications.

  • Zoho CRM for managing sales and marketing.
  • Zoho Books, Inventory and Subscriptions for managing billing, accounting and product tracking.
  • Zoho Social and Campaigns or Marketing Automation to manage email, social media, and other marketing efforts.
  • Zoho Creator, Flow, and Forms for managing customized applications, web-forms, and integrations.

We have experience in building from scratch as well as migrations from other platforms like Salesforce and QuickBooks and support companies with less than 5 employees as well as larger enterprises.

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The most expensive input or overhead to every business is time. Whether yours or the people who work with you, spending time is spending money. Making the most of your technology spending means using technology to save time by minimizing repetitive, manual steps as well as making those activities that are typically overlooked or skipped to save time as automatic as possible. In our experience, most Zoho users automate the easiest things, not necessarily the things that would save them the most time. Use our experience and capabilities to finally get the time savings you should with a platform like Zoho.

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No matter what any vendor tells you, you will NOT be using only one system to do business so be prepared to deal with integrations. Now that almost all applications are in the cloud, getting them to talk to each other has gotten easier but it still takes an experienced hand to get this done efficiently.

We recommend utilizing specialized connecting platforms like Zapier, Zoho Flow, and Make (formerly Integromat) when ever possible but even these no-code / low-code options can be tricky to set up on your own. Beyond those, we have built dozens of custom integrations to published RESTful API's so that you can limit the duplicate entry and out-of-sync data between apps.  

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Today's cloud platforms like Zoho and others are so flexible and able to customize that more than 90% of business processes can be accommodated. In those cases where the flexibility inside a platform is not sufficient, we do offer custom web-app development services. Primarily we try and leverage Zoho's low-code platform Creator with some extensions requiring small utility web-apps using HTML, CSS, and Javascript as needed. These options are highly cost effective and solve the vast majority of needs we see for extending the utility of your CRM and other platform apps.

We DO NOT build advanced websites, scalable business applications nor mobile apps but would be happy to make some recommendations if that is your need.

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