About Monument Business Services

"There is no substitute for experience and no better fuel than passion. My passion is helping businesses with my skills and years of experience."

Trey Noe

President & Founder

Monument Business Services

Owner and founder Trey Noe launched Monument Business Services in 2017 with a goal of helping entrepreneurs as an entrepreneur. Monument Business Services aims to help organizations thrive in a business and technology world that changes at a increasing pace. We start by featuring solutions that level the playing field for anyone with a great idea and a commitment to execute. 

Trey has more than 20 years experience in small business ownership and holds several technology related certifications including a PMP from the Project Management Institute as well as a with a degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Economics with focuses in business and data analytics.

These experiences include acquiring, running, building and selling a variety of businesses help us understand the challenges facing small business and is committed to helping those businesses thrive.​

Terms & Conditions

"In a world growing ever virtual, trust and reputation are the only truly valuable commodities." 

As small business owners and private citizens, we value the privacy and property of our clients, existing or prospective.

  • We will require a non-disclosure agreement prior to any discussions that will include private and protected information.

  • All client data will held with the strictest of security.

  • Although we do benefit from every experience we have with businesses, we will never directly reference the work we do for a client without expressed and specific permission. 

  • Although we do market to our clients and prospects, every person has the right to opt-out of any and every marketing campaign. Notify us here if you wish to be placed in a permanent "Opt-Out" status.

Contact us if you have any further questions.