Entrepreneurial Consulting

Analysing the Data

"No investment or offer to sell a business should ever occur without an independent valuation."

Business Valuation

Getting an independent assessment on your businesses value is critical if you are looking to form a new partnership, solicit investments, borrow money, or maybe even sell. To be fully prepared to engage with any of these situations, you should understand how they will evaluate and appraise your business.


Much like you would expect your real estate agent or appraiser to help value your property, our founder Trey Noe with his more than 20 years or experience in business investments can provide invaluable insights into what your business is worth. For a very small investment, your audience-targeted evaluation will be developed using a combination of  industry modeling techniques. 

Please note that valuation development is possible for both existing or prospective businesses.

Bullet Journal

"Ideas are free. Fortunes are built on execution."

Business Planning & Development

We can help you take your great ideas for a new business or expansion and turn it into an executable plan. Maybe more importantly, we can keep you from giving away those great ideas or failing to execute in a way that lives up to their promise.

Business planning and the resulting plans include product development, sales, marketing and projections for valuation which can be used to attract the talent and investors you need.