Technology Services

Our offerings focus on business management and technology for small and startup businesses. Given no two businesses are the same, each client's individual requirements will dictate the combination, scope, and scale of services delivered. Regardless of the client's size, we only provide solutions that can scale up to meet the needs of a growing business while maintaining a keen eye towards managing the investments into those assets.

We believe in delivering on  a high "bang for the buck" value proposition.

Products & Services Offered


Business Automation

We feature Zoho platform for automation solutions. 

Website Mockup

Website Management

For those businesses or startups that need their first website we help businesses launch their own private website using  Wix platform.

The platform provides an excellent and safe location for a business but has the "training wheels" you may want for self-management. But this is not a no-frills environment with built integration to email and social platforms along with more advanced features like online stores.

Office Network & Connectivity

None of your hard earned investments in technology make any difference if you can't connect to them. We can provide expertise needed for purchasing, installing, configuring, and maintaining your network devices. These include those pesky shared printers and multi-function devices that promise productivity as long as you get them setup correctly.