Zoho Implementation Services
Help from a Zoho Partner

Zoho Professional Services

Implementation, Customization, & Integration

The two most attractive qualities of Zoho applications are their price and flexibility.

It's easy to get the basic functionality out of each application but to truly see the power of Zoho's business applications, you will want to customize the data, workflow, and automation. This is where help from a partner with the entrepreneurial experience is necessary to maximize your investments in both time and money.

Guided Trials

We offer clients a guided experience for their application trials. This includes an online consulting and "over the shoulder" setup review.

"Let Experience be Your Guide!"

System Implementation

We offer basic implementation planning for every paid subscriber and can provide more advanced services like data conversions, template creations, and transition planning.

"Failing to plan is a plan to fail."

System Customization

We offer limited customization services for every paid subscriber but know that some clients need and would benefit from the extensive customization and automation capabilities available in the Zoho platform. Services include:


  • Creation of Custom Data & Modules

  • Development of Custom Functions and Automation

  • Designing Reports & Dashboards

  • Construction of Templates

"One size does NOT fit all."


Zoho's suite of applications are great but you may have other systems that you want or need to connect to. Don't worry, Zoho supports hundreds in integrations with a growing marketplace of connectors. If one doesn't exist, Zoho's API's allow for custom integrations as well.


We are ready to help you stay connected whether that be with Microsoft, G-Suite, VOIP phone systems, or your own REST-api ready application.

"No reason for data silos with Zoho."